Scarlett Ribbons

Client: Scarlett Wild, Scarlett Ribbons

Status: In Development

About Scarlett Ribbons

Scarlett Ribbons is a new start-up, run by Scarlett Wild. The company makes and sells customised and bespoke children’s clothes.

About the project

This project was a challenge for me, but one I am very familiar with – to create an online brochure to sell products and services, without an e-commerce section.  This was similar in concept to the site I am currently designing for Cocode Designs, so much of the backing system was taken from this site.

The site was built in a modular, widgetised fashion, utilising the power of WordPress’s build-in widget functionality, coupled with the Site Origin Page Builder.  This would mean Scarlett would be able to edit the pages and lay them out in her own way, reducing the work required.  Provisions for social network integration have been made, and the site should be up and running fully by 2017.